Junior Amateur Golf Scholars (JAGS) is a fully-accredited 501 c (3) non-profit public benefit organization committed to helping college bound young men and women realize their dreams by providing college financial assistance through the JAGS Academic Scholarship and Financial Aid programs. All JAGS Tour’s programs are funded by JAGS through private and corporate donations and are 100% tax deductible.

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The JAGS Tour was our go-to tour for all five of our years of junior golf. First, it taught our junior golfer how to play, and then how to win. We continued to count on JAGS Tour to learn how to play in the rain, the wind, links courses and match play. Before qualifiers or national events, we utilized the JAGS Tour to keep the skills sharp heading into our national competitions. The best way to be tournament ready is to play tournaments. JAGS Tour has the best prices and great choices for building the experiences of the junior golfer. Plus, John & Cindy Warren are dedicated to developing junior golfers into great players with integrity, honor and character. Playing the game is great but knowing how to play with consistent scoring to put a player into position to win is the key to success. The JAGS Tour gives junior golfers that opportunity. There is no time like the present to play on the JAGS Tour. We truly love and appreciate the JAGS Tour!

Marcelo & Lori Tubert Parents of the 2010 U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links Champion, 2012 USA Curtis Cup Team Member and #1 player at the University of Arkansas ... Emily Tubert

My daughter continues to have positive and enjoyable experiences playing the JAGS Tour. She looks forward to their tournaments each month and wishes there were more than just one a month. The golf courses they play actually help strengthen their golf game. Cindy and John are 100% truly dedicated to the kids and it is all about the kids. They recognize the kids for their academic achievements as well as their golf game. There are no cuts or qualifiers to play in a JAGS tournament and I don’t have to stay up until midnight to sign her up to play. My daughter has made life long friendships playing for JAGS and many memorable moments.

Peggy Simpson

Through my journey in life and watching people in many different lights. I thank God that there are still people like Cindy and John Warren in the world. They set forth an integrity in every aspect of the JAGS Tour organization. They give positive and unselfish generosity toward our children. It gives them hope towards the future, that their hard work is recognized. We thank them for their experiences and life lessons they pass along to not only the players but the adults associated with the JAGS Tour. We look forward to being a part of JAGS Tour for more years to come.

Rick Nicholson

I would like to thank John and Cindy Warren for their organization and dedication in supporting the JAGS Tour. We have been members of the JAGS Tour for the past four years and also have participated in a number of other National Junior Golf Tours during the past 11 years. The JAGS Tour truly emphasizes the most important aspects of the game which are: having fun, camaraderie, sportsmanship and respect for the game. Additionally, the JAGS Tour Tournaments have provided us with the great opportunity to play on a number of challenging and well maintained courses throughout Southern California during the season. We look forward to supporting and playing in many more JAGS Tour Events in the future.

Wayne Hirao

The JAGS tour has been very instrumental to the growth of my son Jacob as a scholar athlete. With its emphasis on academics as well as competition, this tour provides an outstanding platform for junior players as they move forward in not only golf, but in their lives. John and Cindy Warren provide an exceptional experience on an event by event basis and truly put their hearts into this junior golf tour and its players. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Danelle Schulze

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